Percussion Jams Volume 1 Mallet Pack


Level: Easy to Medium-Easy
Performers: 1
Duration: Various
Release Date: 2020


This collection contains 5 progressive mallet solos for beginning to intermediate percussionists. Each solo features audio accompaniment in different music genres including film score, pop, rock, and more.

These accompaniments make practice sessions exciting and relevant for young students. Every solo is followed by a lesson plan explaining the specific skills needed to play it.


Fanfare in F – 1:13

Electric Sunrise – 1:38

Groove City – 1:52

Shred – 1:43

Flow – 1:59


+ Groove City and Flow can be performed as a snare/mallet duet. (Snare part available in the Complete Edition or Snare Pack)

*Audio and video files available for download immediately after purchase. PDF files of the book delivered within 24 hours.